Haunted Australia was established Tasmania in Sept 2009 by a group of people with a common interest in the paranormal. Haunted Australia now investigate locations Australia wide.

We would like to not only assist in offering the owners/managers of establishments answers regarding their hauntings, but do a complete research check on the site & assist in educating people regarding the paranormal field by offering information to assist them to learn about our unique field.


We at Haunted Australia are here to assist you. During & after our investigations we believe in full communication with the owner/manager at all times. At the conclusion of an investigation we will provide detailed reports of our findings. Only state of the art equipment is used, this includes EMF meters, Infrared CCTV camera recording, Thermal Imaging Device, EVP (Electronic voice phenomena) recording, digital cameras & Sony night vision camcorders.

We take our role of investigating the paranormal very seriously. Haunted Australia will be professional & work with the owners, managers & councils in obtaining their approval before any research is conducted. Haunted Australia will try to find rational explanations as to why the site is having the experiences it may be having. Most of the time there are other variables causing the experiences & may not necessarily be paranormal.

We will analyse all the evidence that we have collected at your site & present to you a detailed report and a copy of any cctv footage or voice recordings that we may find.


Haunted Australia would like to send out a special thanks to all of the supporting businesses, without their help & co-operation we would not be able to perform our tasks, and to organisations such as councils, historical persons and historical society groups,  who provide a great deal of information of historical significance - we say a huge thank you .


We created this website to help answer the numerous questions we get regarding haunted locations in Australia, globally & even requests for information regarding ghosts and investigations.